Jovie is the tritagonist and primary heroine of Elf.


Jovie first appears in the toy shop:Gimbel's working there as a job, when Buddy meets Jovie Buddy instantly loves her. Buddy and Jovie go on a date and kiss for the first time. On Christmas Eve Jovie faces her fear of singing to loads of people, loads of people join in by watching her and saving Christmas, Jovie becomes an Elf along with Buddy in the north pole.


23 (Elf Film) 34 (Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas)


  • Jovie is played by Zooey Deschanel in Elf.
  • and She is voiced by Kate Micucci in Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas.
  • Zooey is 23 when she plays in Elf.
  • Kate is 34 when she did voices in Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas.

Gallery Edit

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