The Elf Awards Summary Edit

The Elf awards are 3 awards handed out each month, the Awards are: 

  • Best User
  • Best Article
  • Best Quote

Each Month we vote for them for which one wins. The Winner will be displayed on the homepage under the header 'Elf Awards' at the Moment we are selecting for March Nominees. 

How to Enter Edit

If you would like to enter please post below your username and if you have one your signature.

Paul0409's quote to Elf. "A CRAZY PERSON WHO IS A ELF? CRAZY!"

Terms and Conditions Edit

  • We are currently looking for February Nominees.
  • The Top 5 edits will go through to the Poll.
  • We need 1 more article to enter the Poll.
  • We don't need any more Quotes because there is only 3 to vote for.

The Awards Logo. Edit

The Elf Awards